Who’s getting ready for Advertising Week?


Advertising Week is a moment for the media, marketing and advertising community to come together in NYC – delight in new tech and innovation, communicate and unite. Industry leaders share what they have learned in the past year, and, more importantly, have the opportunity to share what has changed.

Because the game keeps changing

What we consume, interact with, and let into our increasingly valuable attention span is evolving. Constantly. Ad Week NY celebrates this. This crazy media and marketing game that we all can’t help but play in.

The stories keep changing

Ad Week, ultimately, is a chance for storytellers to tell their story. The CMOs who have ingrained brands into our collective memories. The artists developing new entertainment, from apps to events to shows. Even data scientists who uncover more about our behavior (and get us more rich advertising) than ever before. The story that is told has changed dramatically.

Keep track of everyone’s story at go.redbooks.com/adweekny

Here, you’ll see all the news in real-time on all Advertising Week VIPs and Speakers – so you can personalize and prioritize your own connections during the event.

Let us know what you think

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