“$600 per lead: The Difference Between the Best and the Worst”

Bad data can cost you more than no data at all for 3 reasons: you’re wasting your time on old data, you’re flooding your CRM with unqualified leads, and you’re going to hurt your email sender score. In fact, as Brian Carroll, Executive Director of Revenue Optimization at MECLABs said in the B2B Lead Roundtable blog, “the difference between the best- and worst-performing lists was almost $600 per lead.”

How to fix this?

Good Data

People are changing jobs/companies fast – so fast that, after 12 months, about 75% is out of date. Many companies out there, with databases numbering in the hundreds of thousands to multi-millions are selling data that hasn’t been reviewed in 8 months or up to 2 years. Companies like REDBOOKS are using machine learning to process hundreds of gigabytes of data every day. Make sure when you’re buying or subscribing to a lead list service, that you’re going with one that is maintaining their data.

Qualify Your Leads

Many companies are so fearful of sales pipelines drying up that they would rather try and sell to everyone. It just doesn’t work. Developing a deeper understanding of your target market, as niche and specific possible, will help you communicate more directly to your high-valued markets.

The REDBOOKS platform, comprised of 250,000+ Brand and Agency Decision Makers, offers 30+ variables to develop intuitive lists for every member of your sales team. Bonus! These lists are interactive, with news in real-time and data updates daily.

Stop that Email Blast

Sending out blast emails to people who haven’t opted in will hurt your email sender score and get you flagged by your email service provider (ESP). This may seem like rubbish, but you are more likely to be marked as spam and get your emails rejected.

Make sure your email list is up to date, and you’re sending personalized messages as often as you can. This way, you’re doing real 1:1 business that is 70% more likely to close.

At REDBOOKS, we give you the tools to develop hyper-targeted lead lists comprised of Decision Makers with real-time, actionable intelligence. Stop wasting money on lead lists that are draining your resources, and get the only platform available designed to prospect in the marketing and media industry. Every lead is fresh and qualified, to help your team prospect smarter!



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