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Sales Personalization: Actionable News Intelligence Helps Close More Business

Staying up to date on the news, especially the news that matters to your target market, can radically improve marketing and sales efforts.

One problem: there is a lot of news. And, a lot of ways to follow it – to the point of it being overwhelming. It can also seem like cutting through all the noise and getting to the actionable intel at the right time can make sales research and personalized outreach not worth it.

It’s proven – reaching out with recent and relevant news in an introductory email lifts response rates 30-50%. Researching and providing value from initial outreach and onward can help you set up to 200% more meetings (PBS) or close 70% more deals (Fandango).

Prospecting based on specialized needs has become increasingly important, as niche markets become more niche and pay less attention. Following the news, and following specialized keywords (e.g. experiential marketing, sponsorships, Dreamforce) will help you communicate effectively to your target audience. Your goal for sales and marketing is to be informed – interested equals interesting.

Leveraging the information that’s out there is the most important thing revenue generating teams can do right now. The vast expanse of data available means that there is always a tip or a trigger or an opportunity that can help you achieve your goals.

At REDBOOKS, our technology is ingesting articles from 750,000 news sources in real-time. Search any keyword, and prospect directly from that list. Whether it is an easier way to develop personalized messages, or a new way to prospect based on new players in emerging industries, our subscribers are staying in front of the news and ahead of the competition.

If you’re trying to find a new lead generation channel, we’re got it here, at REDBOOKS.

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One thought on “Sales Personalization: Actionable News Intelligence Helps Close More Business

  1. Redbooks – great post! Lately we have been discussing how to personalize communication with prospects. Your advice about leveraging news that is relevant to your target audience is very valid and worth consideration for every B2B sales professional. Thanks for your work.

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